Imagine a life without a mortgage, or the need to pack up everything you own when you switch to a new job in a different state. Perhaps you’re building your dream home on a piece of rural property, but you don’t want to live in a motel, tent, or poorly-insulated travel trailer for the next several months.

Picture yourself living in a custom-crafted towable tiny house on wheels built by Trailer Man’s tiny house. Unlike RVs or those other types of mobile homes, the custom tiny home is built to be energy-efficient, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing, without the flimsy construction materials and “just-off-the-lot” value loss associated with traditional recreational vehicles.

Tiny houses have drawn a lot of attention in the past decade, across many demographics. Our society has outgrown the 30-year mortgage mindset. Careers are fluid, families are often scattered across the continent, and home maintenance has become expensive to contract and, for individuals and families who’d prefer to spend their free time pursuing other interests, something to avoid.

Our tiny house builders often work with millennials and active retirees alike, as they are choosing the “tiny house lifestyle” to give them more options for simplifying their lifestyles and reducing their financial obligations. Tiny house dwellers have the option of living in urban communities built around tiny homes or setting up a mobile homestead against a scenic rural landscape.


You don’t have to be a hard-core do-it-yourselfer to own a beautiful tiny house on wheels. We offer custom-designed and craftsman-built units inspired by your imagination and constructed with your safety in mind.


Our tiny house builders have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of great tiny house plans. If you build your portable tiny house, according to road-legal RV standards, there’s little limit to how much character and whimsy you can use to customize your new tiny house on wheels. We’ve met lots of people who successfully built their own tiny homes, even when they had no prior carpentry experience!

The most important component of your custom portable home is the foundation upon which it’s built. And, in this case, that foundation is a specifically constructed tiny house trailer base for tiny homes.