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Tiny House Trailers Canada | Our tiny homes trailers are built on Trailer Man trailers ranging from 20-36 feet long. They can be completely customized to your specifications.
Tiny House Trailers Canada
Trailerman Trailers is at the forefront of the tiny house movement, offering specially designed trailers that serve as the foundation for these minimalist homes. Recognized for their durability, flexibility, and customizability, Tiny house Trailers Canada are engineered to meet the unique demands of tiny house construction. These trailers provide a stable and reliable base, ensuring that homeowners can focus on the design and personalization of their tiny home without worrying about the integrity of its foundation. With an emphasis on quality construction, Trailerman Trailers incorporates features like reinforced framing and customizable wheelbases, accommodating a wide range of tiny house designs and sizes.

One of the primary benefits of opting for a tiny house trailer from Trailerman Trailers is the mobility it offers. This mobility allows homeowners to explore different locations and settings, making it an ideal choice for those who cherish travel and flexibility. Unlike traditional homes, tiny houses on trailers can be moved from one location to another, offering the freedom to live virtually anywhere. This mobility also provides an opportunity for homeowners to change their scenery or relocate based on seasonal preferences, job opportunities, or simply for a change of pace, all without the need to purchase new property.

Additionally, tiny houses built on Trailerman Trailers contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. By encouraging downsizing and minimizing one’s footprint, these tiny homes use fewer resources and generate less waste. The trailers are designed to support energy-efficient homes, which can significantly reduce utility costs and environmental impact. Moreover, the tiny house movement aligns with a growing desire for a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle, promoting values of minimalism and intentional living. Through the combination of mobility, sustainability, and the chance to live a life focused on experiences rather than possessions, Trailerman Trailers offers a compelling foundation for those looking to embrace the tiny house lifestyle.

Our Tiny House Trailers

Tiny House Trailers CanadaOur tiny home trailers range from 20ft-36ft feet long. Our lowest gvwr is 4545kg {10,000lbs}  and highest gvwr is 9545kg {21,000lbs}. Trailerman’s simple and durable construction will provide years of minimal upkeep and repairs. With multiple trailer designs to choose from, you can be sure we will build the trailer that you need.

We start with not just any trailer but one with a welded tubular chassis {material CSA G40 certified or ASTM A500 certified} that’s 100% transport Canada Certified and CSA Compliant. This type of trailer has one of the lowest ride heights available with a 4″ drop axle. Our trailers also feature non-radius fenders for easy construction along with a sealed wiring harness with LED lighting. All trailers have electric brakes on every wheel under the home.

Your Tiny Home Trailer is the most important part of the house. At Trailerman Trailers, we only use the best materials in the market to build the platform for your dream home. With 25 years of experience as BC’s #1 Trailer Manufacturer and our one-year limited warranty, you can feel safe starting your build with The Trailerman.


Transport Canada Certified

  • 7 Way Plug
  • Breakaway System
  • White Rims
  • Easy Lube Axles
  • 4″ Drop Axle
  • Slipper Spring Suspension
  • A Frame Coupler
  • Slimline LED Lighting
  • Square Fenders
  • Cross Member Flush to Bottom Frame
  • 96″ Wide


  • 96″ to 100″ × 20ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 22ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 24ft
  • 96″ to 100” × 26ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 28ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 30ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 32ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 34ft
  • 96″ to 100″ × 36ft

Custom sizes available


  • 10,000lbs – Tandem
  • 14,000lbs – Tandem
  • 21,000lbs – Triple Axle


  • HD Jack on Corners
  • Stabilizer Jacks (Light Duty)
  • Welded Sill Plate Attachment Point- Either Welded Anchor Bolts or External Mounting Plate
  • Cross Member Flush to Top 16″ on Center
  • Adjustable Coupler
  • Removable Tongue
  • 100″ Wide Models (8ft 6″ Model)
  • 120″ Wide Models (10ft Model)
  • Seismic Tie Downs (Hurricane Tie Downs)
  • Bump Outs (Specified by Custom)